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Screenshots For Public kiosk Software


Password Configuration

We secure your locked workstation with master password. You choose it and it is good for all administration tasks in the locked workstation. You will also need it for unlocking your workstation. In addition to that, a lot of times you want to delegate...

Generate Limited-Time Keys

Here you can see how to generate a time locked key. Time locked keys are used in many situations, where you need to limit the user's ability to work on your workstation to a certain time. For example: If you want to sell time on your workstation in...

Controlling User

You will define a separate Windows user that will execute all of your applications in the locked mode. This way, you can completely separate your regular (non-locked) desktop and locked desktop. In addition to all the security our program already provides,...

Allowed URL’s

This is a screen, that will allow you to add any number of URLs to distinguish, which addresses are allowed and which are not for the user in the locked mode.

Shortcuts Screen

Here you can see and manage a list of application and web shortcuts. Each one of them can be used to invoke a program or a web page in the locked screen.

Internet Shortcut

This is how you will allow a certain web site to be executed in our secure web browser. Since we use our built in web browser instead of standard IE browser, a lot of powerful settings can be used.


Kiosk allows you to display a desktop that resembles your regular desktop for the unlocked workstation. However, it is made distinctly different, so that user will immediately notice, that he is not using regular Windows and will not be confused. On...