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Screenshots For E-Mail Server

Mailing Lists

Here you can edit and add users to your mailing lists. Mailing lists are very useful in many corporate settings and for quick mail distribution. You can add users manually or import them from a file together with some additional fields, that you may...


Here you can specify gateway SMTP servers in case direct sending is not possible. This feature is very useful when travelling with a laptop. You will have to change your ISP's SMTP server settings every time to send email. This way, you can list your...


We allow you to tweak security parameters for this server to your liking. Most of these parameters allow for a liberal default, while at the same time preventing malicious users from dropping our server.

Authentication Screen

In our SMTP Server, you can choose, which type of authentication is needed for your users. The simplest one for you, is not to have any authentication at all, but we highly recommend that you do not enable it. ‚ÄčIf you disable all authentication, and y...

IP Ranges

Here you can see allowed and denied IP ranges. This feature is used to allow or deny connections from specified ranges and is very useful in a corporate environment, where you can specify the entire corporate subnet as the allowed range.