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Explanation of our licensing

Explanation of our licensing

Our products are licensed on a per computer basis. In order to use our program on one computer, you will need to purchase one license. To use it on two computers, you need two licenses and so on. There are no other limitations on number of domains or anything else. If you are purchasing our software for more than one computer, we will have a discount embedded into the price automatically. You will see screen similar to this one:

Configure file and directory permissions

Question: Can I configure my files or directories in such a way to allow access to only certain directories on my disk?

Enabling screen saver

Question: How can I enable a screen saver to automatically execute after a period of inactivity? Answer: This can be done using regular Windows Display settings in the control panel. Please do not forget, that when you lock your computer using public kiosk desktop, it will log in automatically under your controlling user, not under your usual user. Any changes to the settings you do for your locked mode, must be done under that controlling user, then they will be effective in the locked mode.

Sending messages with Images

Question: I am trying to send my message in HTML with pictures, but when I send it to somebody he receives just the text without images.
Message Composer

Message Composer

We created message composer with our user in mind. We have all the standard features of a regular text editor, plus additional ones that will help you design your messages quickly and easily. You can easily choose a message type you need for your purposes. We support 3 widespread formats used in the industry for creating email messages:
Using our E-Mail Server with a hardware device

Using our E-Mail Server with a hardware device

Very often people need to connect one of their smart devices like smart copy machine, smart fax or smart router to the network. These devices often have the ability to send alerts over the network using SMTP. However often, it is not possible to use the regular email server. Either because it requires authentication, which the hardware device cannot provide, or requires use of encrypted connection through TLS.

Configuring Windows Mail or Microsoft Outlook to work with E-Mail Server

Here is a detailed video tutorial, that explains how you can configure Microsoft Vista Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook to work with out E-Mail Server. You need to have your username and password that was given to you by your ISP handy and you need to make up some type of your own passowrd and username that will be used in our server.

Get a copy of E-Mail Server FREE of charge by translating it to your language

We are waiting for help from enthusiasts like you and are willing to reward you as well. If you are willing to make a translation of our E-Mail Server to your own language, we will be giving it to you FREE of charge. We are currently ready to support any number of switchable language interfaces, however we are lacking the language files that will translate it to another language. We have prepared a small package with a program that will allow you to easily translate our user interface and help file to your own language.
Deploying SMTP server on a private, local network

Deploying SMTP server on a private, local network

Question: How can I deploy your server in our company for use of our employees? They only want to send messages through it, they will be receiving their emails from another server. Answer: Since you have a local, private network only, you will just need to set up our server on one computer and you do not even have to enable authentication for your users, they can be passed in by IP address. Please take a look at the image below. Setup your SMTP server the same way, if you want only sending to be enabled for your users.

Check if your domain correctly resolves and what to do if it doesn't

Here is what to do if you are getting "Domain X cannot be resolved" error. Make sure you check MX type of record, all emails are resolving using MX record as opposed to A type record.

Email Server tutorials

This section allows you to watch a few video tutorials that explain in detail all the aspects of our E-Mail Server. The videos you see below will allow you to get a clear picture of everything you need to operate your E-mail server. Please watch all the videos, so you will have a good idea how to operate the server and what each piece does

How can I use your software to send many email messages?

In the modern world, SPAM has become a significant issue for the Internet Providers and users alike. A lot of Internet Providers want to minimize amount of spam emails going through their systems and thus most of them follow a standard pattern for all users. Not that this is any standard at all, but when fighting spam, this has become a common practice and most Internet Providers are using these techniques to fight spam in their systems. Here is what they do: