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In the modern corporate world, communicating with customers is the biggest concern. With highly competitive today's market, the winner is always a company with the best customer communication and service. It is very hard to provide constant and up-to-date communication with your clients, but the rewards are tremendous. Returning customers, referrals and good name are just a few of those. Of course, these will immediately translate into cash and additional sales.

There are numerous ways of keeping in touch with your customer base, but the easiest and most inexpensive way is through the use of email. However, when you try using email as your medium, you will immediately face numerous problems such as message personalization and delivery rate. E-List Distributor for Mac solves both problems by allowing you to use message templates with multiple custom fields from the recipient database inside your messages.

E-List Distributor for Mac

will automatically convert such templates to series of personalized messages by replacing macros with the real data taken from your recipient database. Maintaining your database of customers is easy with E-List Distributor for Mac even if lots of existing customers unsubscribe from your mailing list or change their email addresses while new customers come in. It also allows you to import your customer lists from files of any type along with all additional fields you require for your mailing. E-List Distributor for Mac's delivery rate is unbeatable; it delivers most of your messages to the destination. There is no need to worry that many content and spam filters will prevent you from delivering your messages; E-List Distributor for Mac generates separate personalized email messages that are all different.

Notifying your existing customers and subscribers about new products and promotions.

Automatically mailing invoices and tracking numbers to online customers.

Sending a daily or weekly newsletter to your subscribers and many more.

  • Message personalizationIf you think that a greeting like "Dear Sir/Or madam" is still acceptable, you are mistaken. Today, many people expect you to know them personally and show that knowledge in your communication. That is why, you are no longer able to send the same, single message to thousands of addresses. E-List Distributor for Mac solves this problem for you by allowing you to use multiple custom fields from the database of your users inside your messages. This way, you can still write one message, but E-List Distributor for Mac will automatically substitute all such places in your message with correct content from your own database. This applies not only to such basic things as customer name, but can include much more information like address, phone or any additional fields you would deem necessary for your messages.
  • Maintaining your database of customers current This can be especially hard and daunting task because customers unsubscribe from your mailing list, new customers come in and many customers change their email constantly. This presents a problem for you especially if you have tens of thousands of customers and you have many different messages you would like to distribute. E-List Distributor for Mac presents your entire customer database in a simple and easily accessible way. It allows you to see all of your customers in multiple mailing lists together with their current status and statistics, but E-List Distributor for Mac doesn't stop there, it allows you to easily import and export your customer lists from any file type you have and even import it together with all additional fields you require for your mailing.
  • Delivering most of your messages to the destination. In a sufficiently large database of customers you will always have a problem of some percentage of emails not reaching their destination. Many content filters and spam filters will prevent you from delivering your messages and in best case will flag it and put your message in a junk mail folder and in the worst case, will simply discard it. Having a program that will avoid the majority of basic pitfalls is highly recommended. With E-List Distributor for Mac each message is separate and different from the other, and since all messages go through the standard Apple Mail, they are absolutely indistinguishable from the messages that were sent by Apple Mail.
  • Macro substitution. This feature will help you create customized and personalized messages for your users. each individual message sent out will be created and packaged from the database, so that you can address your users by name, or even create an invoice to the user specifying their balance.
  • Removing duplicates. Sometimes you will get the same email address more than once for one customer. To avoid sending multiple messages to that customer, you will need to scan your lists regularly for the duplicate emails. E-List Distributor for Mac automates that feature and lets you do it with one push of a button. It will even check if all the rest of the information for that customer is different in two places, and merge them into one complete record.

Use your own SMTP server

It is highly recommended that you use your ISP's SMTP server for sending your mailing. It will help you to relay your email quicker and in a more reliable fashion since your provider's SMTP server is located on the same network as you are, it is the closest high capacity SMTP server, thus will relay email messages faster.