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Best way to obtain support for your E-Mail Server

By admin / December 7, 2009

The best way, by far, to obtain support from us about your SMTP server or just to ask a question about it is pictured in this video.

Make sure you type your question in the box. We cannot answer your question if you didn’t ask any

After you press that last “continue” button, we get an email with your question your log file and all your configuration files. This helps us reproduce and duplicate your problem on our end.

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Controlling user cannot login with current credentials

By admin / May 5, 2009

I get the “Controlling user cannot login with current credentials. Pleas check username and password. If you are sure such user exists, you can try to proceed.
This is a regular Windows user you need to create. You use Control Canel’s, Users to create that user. Please refer to the screenshots below.

Make sure you specify username and password correctly. If it is under a domain, you need to also specify a domain name, but it is easier if you create a local Windows user.

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Message queue is full

By admin / December 3, 2008

Question: Product seems to stop receiving mail and the Queue directory has loads of files in it. How can I make it continue working?
Answer: First, we need to examine how SMTP server works in general.
If you notice in step 1, you are sending messages to our server. Server will queue this mail and store it as a file on disk. After that, in step 2, server will send your message from the queue, to Internet.
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How do I set up Gmail accounts

By admin / October 27, 2008

Question: I need to set up my GMail account to work with E-List Distributor. What is the procedure?
strong>Answer: Here is how it works for me:

Please keep in mind, that Google has strict limitations on the number of emails you can send through their services per hour, per day and so on. If you have a large list, gmail will not work for you

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