Have a software development problem you need to solve?

Have a project and need professional developer to help you or join your team? Talk to me! With over 30 years of experience in software development, there is no problem I cannot solve.

why ME?

Over 30+ Successful Projects and Counting

Software architecture

As with any building, software project requires a solid foundation. I can help with that, since I have a lot of experience building solid, successful projects that work to this day without fail.

Software development

Development is never only coding itself. It is so much more than that and this is why so many software projects fail. They do not take many different costs into consideration, and many times they will double or even triple the overall project cost.

Marketing & Targeting

Yes. I am not just a programmer. My experience in the field is much wider. I have created, spun off and then successfully sold many multi-million dollar projects online. I can lend my expertise with that as well.

HTML, Clover, Spring, ORM, Python, Serial marshalling

Sounds familiar?

Do you hear these curse words, that mean nothing to you all the time?

There is a huge number of buzzwords in the programming industry and a lot of young and inexperienced programmers, who fall for the trap of using as many new technologies as they can possibly stuff into a project and into a budget.

With this overgrown stack of technologies or to be blunt, toys for developers, no wonder so many software projects fail, because about 90% are not even needed or do not bring expected benefit.

Do you know which technologies are really needed for your project and which ones are going to simply waste a lot of your time and heaps of money just to bring joy to a few coders?

I worked with all of them and I know when it is really necessary and when it is just a waste of time!

I use my experience to create yours

Software development is not done by programmers alone and coding is not the end of the project. Very far from it. It is just a first step.

Do you know all the steps required to successfully complete a development project on time, on budget and on spec?

I do! Because I have done it many times!

Is this a new project or there was something else in place before it? Do you have employees already working with something, that you are planning to upgrade? Do you think it is wise to consider how to do it? Even if your old process currently involves a pen and paper and no computer, it is still a process, that has worked in your company and made you successful? Do you have a comprehensive and sustainable path to transfer your existing employees from your old solution to new software seamlessly? Did you consider what would happen, if your new product has problems and your employees have to fall back to the old solution?

I do! Because it had happen to my clients before!