Support / Consulting for 1 hour

Support or consulting for 1 hour with developer.

Price: $150

If you need to consult or get extended, personal support with our developers for one reason or another, that is beyond your regular email support tickets, we will charge you for each hour of our time. The minimal charge is for one hour and after that, each additional hour, the same cost will apply.

We will send you a link for remote connection to your PC and after we establish connection we can take control over your PC and help you or do setup and configuration for you (there is also a built in chat, where we can chat with you).

We will do everything we possibly can to help you and to remedy your situation, however there are many circumstances, that are beyond our control and we cannot guarantee that every time we will be able to help you 100%. Some things will require you to act and some things cannot be done at all. A good example would be if your provider is blocking your port 25 and for that reason you cannot send any email directly, you will be required to make a call to that provider and ask them to lift this block. In some cases however, this cannot be done at all and we will have no control over it. That is why, it is highly advisable to contact us first over email so we will know ahead of time what is the situation, what type of help is required and so on.